The Development of Mobile Application in 2016 and Beyond

Mobile Application in 2016 and Beyond

In recent years, mobile and mobile apps have become a very significant part of our life activities, a means to the way we communicate, collaborate or work. Of the various technologies available in the mobile industry, Android has shown the highest infiltration value, leading to great demand for efficient Android developers in India and across the globe.
We find the mobile industry comprising of competent mobile consultants, service providers, digital agencies and the technology providers. And astonishingly, the mobile industry undergoes rapid changes with invasion of new technologies and other trends.
The recent years show tremendous changes which are significant in terms of innovation which includes gadgets such as fitness trackers, Apple Watch, Android wear, Google glass, and other wearable devices; whereas the technologies include cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IOT). Let us have a look on the dictating trends in Mobile Application Development across the globe at present and will more than likely continue in the coming years.

⇛Swift: .

Swift, the Apple's programming language is designed both as an application and the systems language. It gives the developers an opportunity to write reliable code from the initial step itself. According to Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, in the first month of its availability, there was a record of 11 million downloads. Being integrated in the Xcode, it is anticipated to replace the Objective C shortly and could be implemented in iOS, watch OS, tvOS apps, and OS X within a short phase of time.

⇛Enterprise Apps: .

The number of active users is increasing at an exponential rate and proportionately we find an increase in the number of apps in the Google App stores,ios and Android App Development Company in India and elsewhere across the world. Of the available apps, the enterprise apps take the upper hand owing to the monetary benefits. The analysis report states that 43% of the developers involved in creating enterprise apps earn more money as compared to the developers involved in the development of consumer apps.

⇛Cross-platform tools: .

As we find several devices operating on various operating system and screen sizes, and the cloud computing, the use of cross-platform tools has become the necessity. The app development would no more be restricted to single platform and cross platform app development will be the rule very soon. A number of cross-platform tools such as PhoneGap, Appaccelerator, Titanium, Unity3D, Sencha, Corona, and, etc., are already in use and going to become more familiar, dominant, and popular in the days to come. The use of common language leads to faster, cost effective app development and easy maintenance rather than using either Android Application development or any other platform specific application development.

⇛Internet of Things (IOT): .

The IOT is expected to take the app development to a different level. It is forecast ed that the IoT products and service suppliers would generate revenue which exceeds $300 billion in 2020
For instance, a smart car would be able to connect with other systems and the signal sensor provide directions about the traffic, weather conditions, alert you to accidents and suggest alternate routes. Moreover, we find the adoption of IoT by various enterprises already. In the future, the enterprises may have their own private cloud networks and act with a range of sensor embedded systems.
The developers may not possibly rely on older and available development tools or the technologies anymore. The shift in technology may create a new wave in the mobile application development which gives enhanced user experience, tough security may remain as one of the major concerns. All these trends are gaining traction and are bound to attract the developers’ attention in 2016 and beyond.

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