Memory Booster

 Auto boost – Boost when device meets certain conditions, such as free memory amount, importance of an app, or how much memory consumes by app.

  One Touch Button – Tap this button from app's main screen, and see the cache clearing and killing process

Notification – Get Notification which will show the total free ram and running app and Show memory info with report/auto refresh settings.

Start Up Boost- Memory booster & CPU utilization offers options to auto Memory Boosting with automatic boost memory in background when you restart your phone.Memory Booster aims at enhancing system speed by resolving memory issues on Android devices with-Memory level status and memory usage graph. Free memory level is the main factor that affects how fast system runs. Memory Booster shows you real-time free memory level, and provides a live chart to demonstrate how memory changes.

App Features


1.Auto Boost- Auto boost allows Memory Booster to run in the background and automatically reclaims memory for your Android at interval.

2. Notices- You receive notifications ones your phone runs out of memory.

3 Running programs- Lets you decide which programs you want to kill.


4. Completely Free Memory Booster:- All the app features are available forever with no extra charge totally free and no ads. All features are free without any advertisement plug-ins.

5. Compatible with low-end phones-Supports lowers Android versions and is also compatible with small-screen phones.

6. Setting- you can on/ off the auto boost, start-up boost and system start up boost.

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