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Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT services: Srishta’s Service Integration is a comprehensive, collaborative, way of working that enables multi-sourced IT services, provided by an ecosystem of independent service providers, to operate together, as one, in the delivery of IT services that fully align with your business objectives and create value.

IT Solutions To Fit Your Business Strategy

Organizations today strive to boost the effectiveness of IT services by working with cutting-edge suppliers, the most recent tools and technologies, and new IT policies. But the challenge can lie in implementing a strategy that ensures that these diverse factors are contributing to the organizations business outcomes. Ad-hoc service integration can lead to: Multiple service catalogs Incompatible tool sets Project delays With ecosystem service providers delivering services according to different types of agreements, with: Little-to-no standardization outside their basic contract parameters. No clear accountability for the services/processes each provider is singly responsible for, creating confusion and a culture of finger pointing. Expensive governance requiring separate teams to “man mark” each provider



1. Information problems:

info availability; complication of data mining, validation and aggregation.

2. Data management problems:

difficulties of data transfer from one program to another coppicing overaworkflow.

3. Time management problems:

inefficient time use due to manual data export/import and coordination of such efforts among units.

4. Support and management expenses:

additional departments for complex systems management and support cause additional expenses and overstaffing.


1. Enterprise apps integration

Your enterprise needs integration services if it has complex structure, includes a few systems or implements more than one application and solution. Integrating it all facilitates business processes and boosts productivity. We know it, we’ve done it and we can help.

2. App integration for SMBs and small infrastructures

Your small business can benefit from integration solutions greatly since they facilitate data exchange and enhance workflow. Integrate standalone apps creating a unified environment and provide new opportunities for your business.

3. Database integration

Optimize data management: restructure and process data; synchronize, expand, split databases; integrate various sources to improve data flow and overall performance with R-Style Lab integration services 

4. APIs integration

We know a lot about seamless integration of the most popular APIs as we’ve been providing this service for quite a while. We can help with any payment gateway (PayPal, Spark, 2checkout, etc.), geolocation service (Google Maps, Earth; MapQuest; etc.), any social and advertising APIs and Marketplaces.

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