How to Build a Food Ordering App?

Food is something which everyone love whats more amazing than sitting in the bed and watching tv and ordering your favorite food by one click by fingertips with an amazing food ordering app like Zomato. and picking it instant in to your door without much hustle of preparing it. As an entrepreneur, are you planning to grab a share of this market, and wondering how to build a food ordering app? That’s exactly what I will explain here.

Market overview

Food delivery is one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry. Nowadays, more and more people are likely to order food than to cook it.

How to Build a Food Ordering App?

How to Build a Food Ordering App?

Attract more customers to your restaurant and increase your table reservations by creating a mobile app for your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, or Club. We Help to build Your App. If you wish to take a plunge in the top-notch food ordering app development service, then it is important to know about the important aspects of the same. By developing online food ordering mobile apps that offer excellent functionality, you can enhance your chances of getting success in the desired business. In this article, we will unveil all that you need to know about professional food ordering and delivery mobile app development.

Essential Features in a Food Ordering App

User App : Basic Layout

  • Home page: Categories, Features, Recommend, Search, Cart, Menu etc.
  • Filter: Filter or sort through selection by special categories, price, rating, keywords.
  • Wishlist/Favorite: Add Food, to your Wishlist list, which can be searched and ordered at any time.
  • Cart: User can add Food to their cart through which they can checkout (Payment can be offline Or Online).
  • Tracking: Track preferred items, and favorite them for later.
  • Re-order: Past orders, for those times user wants to recreate that great cocktail.
  • Basic Dynamic/Static Pages (About Us/Contact Us, FAQ).
  • Order history and Rating/Reviews
  • Price: Item has the price displayed on it for easy order placing.

Functional Hierarchy / Screen Flow : Splash Screen

  • Redirected to Welcome / Home Screen : User Registration

Social media (Facebook)

  • User can register through social media or by using the email id/phone number (OTP) verification

User Interface (Home)

  • Home screen will have available Food Item’s info with images.Menu bar, Notification bar and Cart will be displayed.

Select Item (Categories)

  • Consumer should be able to browse all menu food items (Category wise)
  • User can buy now or add the item to cart (buy later).

Customize order

  • User has the option to customize the food while placing the order(ingredients).

Browse Desert option

  • User can select the desert at time of final order placing i.e. item not chosen before(sweet dish).

OTP(One Time Password)

  • For item payment confirmation

Payment option

  • Payment can be done through online or offline(based on availability).

Review and Rating, Favorite List

  • User can review and rate the item based on experience.
  • Can mark the item as favorite.

Track Item

  • Track your item at every stage (Status) , Map view

Sorting and Filter

  • On basis of price, categories, keywords etc.

Price / Special offer

  • Every food item has price tag over it for easy billing/selecting food or special offer on item.

Order repeat

  • Repeat previous order.


  • User can keep track of purchase history by day, week or month.


  1. Login is required before adding a favorite item, OR before payment.
  2. Select the item need to be purchased from list.
  3. Recheck the booked item and proceed to payment.
  4. Select the payment method.
  5. Get an invoice online and wait for item to be delivered.
  6. Track delivery guy (map/In-App Status).
  7. Rate the item based on review and user experience.

Delivery Guy


  • Admin should be able to track and manage delivery force team. (It can be part of Admin App.)
  • Consumer can track the order position on Google map OR progress points wise.
    (Can get Current location)
  • Delivery guy(Driver) can also see the location of consumer and use Google map for delivery

Other Option

  • Can make profile active or de-active (Active means I am working) just with toggle Button.
  • Can check notification and task.
  • Can check about payment (online Or cash).
  • Can ask to touch sign Or fill OTP generated by application on mobile for verification of user who have asked for service.
  • Can Track history and Rate user.
  • Can tag location with user details so, at backend these data can match with Location – User – orders and be used for analysis.

Admin panel (Web)

  • Twitter bootstrap with ROR, Database MySQL.


  • Full dashboard view to manage the Earning, Deliveries, Order Notification, Order History, rating/review etc

Manage Item and Customer

  • Admin have rights to manage the customer and item- Quantity and Price

Item Description

  • Contains info about the item being uploaded(images, price, quantity etc.)

Category Wise

  • Application contain the data and relevant info category wise.
  • Helpful for user to choose from required category.

Item Notification

  • When the user will select the item, application will have item notification from selected user option

Manage Customization of item

  • Admin needs to manage the customized item placing i.e. keep the ingredients according to user’s choice

Price / Special offer (Admin)

  • Every food item has price tag over it for easy billing and selecting food.

Update Browse Desert option

  • User can select the desert at time of final order placing i.e. item not chosen before.

Manage Item Tracking

  • Track your item at every stage (Status)

Add/Remove Item

  • App admin will have rights to add or remove item as per performance and quality service


  • For Order Receiving and Billing

View & Manage Reports

  • For Financial Reports


  • Loyalty Programs and discount management


  1. Live accept order
  2. Item temp not available
  3. Add/remove/change item
  4. Order has left for delivery status.


  • Push Notification enabled

Order repeat Management

  • Repeat previous order.

Provide backup in case of failure

  • Admin will be responsible to manage the data and security of app.
  • Backup will be provided in case of error or crash being encountered.

Overall history

  • History need to be maintained, admin need to keep track of history regarding user and item being delivered.

Data will be accessible

  • An admin will have rights to access the data of item and customer regarding item purchase being processed.

Manage transaction

  • Transaction need to be managed and secure server should be provided to customer.
  • A secure gateway is must for customer’s trust building.

Home Delivery, Take away, Dine In

Mobile Application

Android : Java / Kotlin with Android Studio

iOS : Swift 4 with X-Code

Web Application

For Browsers with Mobile / iPad Responsive

  • Twitter bootstrap with ROR or PHP, Database PostgreSQL

Server : Any Cloud Server

  • AWS OR Customized Hosting Solutions For Your Business .

Dependencies :Social Plugins And APIs

  • Facebook , Google Login , Google Map , Location , etc.

3rd party Gateway : Payment gateways

  • For Credit / Debit card : Stripe or Any Gateway(Clients preference)

SMS gateway

Deliverable & Deployable


  • Source Code
  • Documentation of implemented functionality


Mobile Application : Android & iOS

  • Deployment of application on App Store or Google play would be done by us.

Web Application : Admin Panel

  • Deployment of Web application would be done by us

Here Is Some Example Graphically



How to Build a Food Ordering App?

How to Build a Food Ordering App?

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